We Care About Your Health and Safety!

Your dental health and safety are very important to us. Now more than ever, patients have questions about their risk for infection when they visit a healthcare practitioner of any kind.  At Pure Smiles, we follow the American Dental Association’s Policy of Infection Control which states:


Resolved, that it be ADA policy to support the implementation of standard precautions and infection control recommendations appropriate to the clinical setting, per the 2003 Guidelines for Infection Control in Dental Health Care Settings from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), and be if furtherResolved, that this policy includes implementation of CDC recommendations for vaccination and the prevention and management of exposures involving nonintact skin, mucous membrane, and percutaneous injuries.

American Dental Association
Adopted 2012

Our goal is to exceed the“CDC Summary of Infection Prevention Practices in Dental Settings: Basic Expectations for Safe Care”. This includes the use of hospital-grade sterilization equipment and by following strict sterilization practices.

Our dental team wears non-latex gloves, face masks and protective eyewear for every appointment. We also use disposable products as much as possible and sterilize tools that are not disposable.

In addition to following the proper practices for the sterilization of instruments and materials, we also ensure that we carefully monitor the effectiveness of our sterilization program.

If you have questions about your dental health and safety, we encourage you to contact our office.

We Welcome ALL New Patients to Pure Smiles DDS!