Pure Smiles Sports Mouthguards

Protect Your Mouth with a Sports Mouthguard!

The numbers are shocking; approximately 39% of all dental injuries occur while playing sports and of those, 75% of sports-related dental injuries damage at least one of the visible teeth in our smile. To protect your teeth the Pure Smiles Dental Dental Team is pleased to offer Katy, Texas Sports Mouthguards!

Who should wear a sports mouthguard?

Dental injuries are associated with almost all contact sports. Dental injuries are very common for people who participate in football, rugby, hockey, basketball, and boxing. More uncommon activities include skateboarding, soccer, squash, gymnastics, and Taekwon-Do.

At Pure Smiles, we recommend a high-quality, proper fitting sports mouthguard for anyone who participates in athletic activities to protect his or her teeth.

Sports Mouthguards | Katy Texas Dentist

Custom Sports Mouthguards

Sports mouthguards are a removable dental appliance that is worn over your teeth while you’re playing in your sporting activity. In the event of a blow to your face or mouth, the sports mouthguard helps to redistribute the force of that impact.  A sports mouthguard also provides a cushion between your teeth and the soft tissue of your mouth. A properly fitted sports mouthguard is designed to absorb the shock of impacts and protect the teeth against chips, cracks, fractures, knock-out, and damage.

Patients who wear braces or other orthodontic appliances should have a sports mouthguard as well. Any impact to the mouth can damage the braces, but can also cause soft tissue injuries cuts inside your mouth.

At Pure Smiles, we recommend custom-made sports mouthguards because they are very comfortable to wear. Since they are designed to fit your mouth, custom sports mouthguards are much thinner compared to boil-and-bite mouthguards. Custom sports mouthguards also allow the participant to breathe much easier during their activities because they are much thinner than the storebought mouthguards.

To learn more about our custom Sports Mouthguards, we invite you to contact our office – we look forward to hearing from you.