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Why Teeth Need To Be Extracted

There are many reasons why you may require tooth extractions. Your wisdom teeth are the last teeth to develop in your mouth and for some people, there is often not enough room to accommodate them. When there is little space for the wisdom teeth, they will partially emerge through the gums. This can result in cavities, tooth crowding, gum infections, and problems with the adjacent second molars.

When there is not enough space for the wisdom teeth to erupt they often cause pain and discomfort in the gums and bone as they shift. When your wisdom teeth are impacted, the opening around the teeth may become a source where bacteria will start developing and may lead to a painful infection in the gum tissues. Signs of a gum infection include discomfort, swelling, pain, and illness.

Diagnosing Your Treatment with Complete Dental Exams

The Pure Smiles Dental Team will complete a thorough examination of your mouth, which includes digital x-rays that are used to help diagnose the type of wisdom teeth removal you require.

If your wisdom teeth are aligned properly, and the surrounding gum tissue is healthy, not all wisdom teeth have to be removed. With your detailed clinical exam and panoramic imaging, we can inform you if you or your child’s wisdom teeth require extraction. If the wisdom teeth do not require removal, regular dental exams are vital to keeping your gums and teeth healthy and will allow us to identify any potential concerns to prevent costly dental procedures down the road.

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