Pure Smiles is pleased to offer superior dental crowns, here in our Katy, Texas dental clinic. They are recommended for teeth that have large tooth decay or existing fillings that become larger than the natural tooth structure. Teeth that have undergone root canal therapy also require Dental Crowns.

They are custom made using a variety of materials. At Pure Smiles, we use beautiful, all-ceramic porcelain dental crowns to restore the natural beauty of your teeth, while providing a reliable and durable restoration to the function of your teeth.

Dental Crowns | Katy Texas Dentist

A Dental Crown is recommended when:

  1. Your tooth requires a filling that will exceed the size of the natural tooth structure.
  2. You have teeth with extensive damage, large tooth decay and/or fracture lines.
  3. You have teeth that are discolored and untreatable with teeth whitening.
  4. After root canal therapy, your teeth become brittle and are more susceptible to fracture.

How All Ceramic Dental Crowns are made

Your dental crowns appointment will involve one visit where shaping the tooth to fit your new crown takes place. Once the tooth is prepared, we send a detailed impression to our dental laboratory. Your custom dental crown is created by a professional lab technician and arrives back in our office in about 10 business days. You will return for a short appointment where we will permanently cement the crown.

To learn more about our Katy, Texas Dental Crowns, we invite you to contact our office – we look forward to hearing from you. Call us today to book appointment.